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    Call for papers

Academic Journals

The abstracts of the papers accepted by the Scientific Committee will be published in a book with ISBN, being mandatory requirements that all the authors are registered in the congress and that the paper has been exposed in it by one of them.

SEED and the CIED Scientific Committee11 have established agreements with some academic journals for the consideration of the publication of papers presented at the Congress, according to the evaluation and selection processes of each journal.

European Journal of Government and Economics (EJGE)

European Journal of Government and Economics (EJGE)

The Scientific Committee of the CIED11 will select those articles that it considers to be of sufficient quality for possible publication in EJGE, by means of a preferential review process (fast-track review process). Depending on the number of articles, the editors of EJGE may even publish a monograph including only papers presented at the congress. Language of the articles to be published: English. 

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