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Thematic areas

The main thematic areas of the congress will be (i) sports economics and (ii) sports management. Click on the following areas to see the topics included in them:

Sports Economics

The peculiarity of Sports EconomicsProfessional Sports: MarketsFinanceEconomic and social importance of sport practiceNew developments
  • Competitive balance: analysis and regulation
  • Competitive balance: measures
  • Organization of the competitions
  • Model comparison: Europe vs. North America
  • Attendance at sports events
  • Audience for sports events
  • Sports betting
  • Labour market: salaries of sportsmen and women
  • Discrimination
  • Media value
  • Productivity and efficiency analysis 
  • League, federation and club finances
  • Financial Inequalities
  • Financial fair play
  • Broadcasting rights
  • Economic value of the sports sector
  • Impact and legacy of sports events
  • The sports industry and clusters.
  • Economic analysis of physical activity
  • Physical activity: its relationship to health, social integration, education
  • Sport as a public good
  • Sports tourism
  • eSports: an emerging industry
  • The relevance of sport data in economic analysis
  • The impact of changes in the rules of the game

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